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Faculty Profile : Dr. Y.V. Madhavi

Name: Dr. Y.V. Madhavi

Assistant Professor
+91 40 23074750 Extn- 2031


Department of Process Chemistry
Room. No. 17, NIPER Hyderabad
Balanagar, Hyderabad-500037, TS, INDIA


PhD(2007), MSc(1998),BSc(1996)

  • 5 years Industrial Experience at Dr.Reddys in API, Process R&D +5years Teaching experience at NIPER, Hyderabad


PhD : Principles Of Peptide Chemistry-MC-810)
M.Pharm, M.Tech: Industrial Process and scale up techniques (PT-510) Logic In Organic Synthesis
M.Tech: Synthetic Aspects of Process Chemistry(PT-560), Topics Relevant To Drugs And Pharmaceutical Industry(PT-610),
Synthetic Bulk Drug Technology(PT-630) General Laboratory Experience(LG-510,LS-610)


PhD : 2(ongoing)
Masters : 8(submitted)


Associate Fellow of the APAS for the Telangana and Andhra Pradesh States


Total synthesis of biologically active Natural Products
Process Development of API’s & Intermediates
Structure based Design, Synthesis and evaluation of new anti-cancer and antiinfective
agents, Development of new methodologies.


2 as Co-PI


1. Yb(OTf)3 Catalyzed Facile Conversion of Ketoximes to Amides and Lactams. J.S. Yadav.; B.V.S. Reddy.; A.V. Madhavi.; Y.S.S. Ganesh. Journal of Chemical Research. 2002, 236-238,.
2. Clay Supported Ammonium Nitrate “ Clayan”: A New Reagent for the Selective Nitration of Arenes. H.M. Meshram.; Ganesh, Y.S.S.; Madhavi, Y.V.; Eshwaraiah. B.; Yadav, J.S. Synth. Commun. 2003,33,2497–2503.
3. Monmorillonite catalysed facile conversion of D-glucals to chiral furan diols. Yadav, J. S .; Reddy, B. V. S,; Madhavi. A. V. Journal of Molecular Catalysis: Chemical 2005, 226, 213.
4. A practical and convenient method for the synthesis of Substituted 4- iodoquinolines. Meshram, H. M.; Madhavi, A. V.; Eeshwaraiah, B.; Reddy, P. N.; Nageswar Rao, Y.V.D.; Yadav, J. S. J. Mol. Catalysis A:ChemicalVol. 272, Issue1-2, July 2007, p. 57-59c
5. A succinct synthesis of valganciclovir hydrochloride, a cytomegalovirus (CMV) retinitis inhibitor K. Srihari Babu, P. Srinivas, Y.V. Madhavi, I. Babu, G. Madhusudhan Reddy, P. Haldar, P. Narasimha Rao, V. Krishna,K. Srinivas, G. Venkateshwarulu, P. Pratap Reddy,and R. Vijaya Anand, ARKIVOC 2011 (ii) 199-208.
6. Synthesis and process optimization of Boceprevir: A protease inhibitor Drug. Dinesh S. Bhalerao, Anil Kumar Reddy Arkala, Y.V.Madhavi, M.Nagaraju, Srinivas Reddy Gade, U.K. Syam Kumar, Rakeshwar Bandichhor, and Vilas H. Dahanukar, OPRD,July 21, 2014(communication).
7. Proton Pump Inhibitors: A Brief Overview of Discovery, Chemistry and Process Development: Venkata Madhavi Y, Gaikwad Nikhil Baliram, RJPBCS, 2016, 7(2), 2180-2195
8. Targeting AMPK in Diabetes and Diabetic Complications: Energy Homeostasis, Autophagy and Mitochondrial Health, Current Medicinal Chemistry(accepted)
9. Synthesis of Indolo[1,2-b]isoquinoline Derivatives by Lewis Acid-Catalyzed Intramolecular Friedel– Crafts Alkylation, Jitender Gour, Gatadi Srikanth, EJOC, Atulya Nagarsenkar. Bathini NagendraBabu, Y. V. Madhavi, Srinivas Nanduri, 2018(accepted)
10. Nikhil Baliram Gaikwad.; Krishna Nirmale.; Santosh Kumar Sahoo.; Mohammad Naiyaz Ahmad.; Grace Kaul.; Manjulika Shukla.; Srinivas Nanduri.; Arunava Das Gupta.; Sidharth Chopra.; Yaddanapudi Venkata Madhavi. Design, synthesis, in silico, and in vitro evaluation of 3-phenylpyrazole acetamide derivatives as antimycobacterial agents. Arch Pharm DphG, 2020, https://doi.org/10.1002/ardp.202000349.
11. Nikhil Baliram Gaikwad.; Pathan Afroz.; Mohammad Naiyaz Ahmad.; Grace Kaul.; Manjulika Shukla.; Srinivas Nanduri.;Arunava Dasgupta.;, Sidharth Chopra.;Venkata Madhavi Yaddanapudi. Design, synthesis, in vitro and in silico evaluation of new 3-phenyl-4,5-dihydroisoxazole-5-carboxamides active against drug-resistant mycobacterium tuberculosis Journal Of Molecular Structure, 2021, 129545
12. Baijayantimala Swain.; Kamtam Aashrita.; Priti Singh.; Andrea Angeli.; Abhay Kothari.; Dilep K. Sigalepalli.; Venkata M. Yaddanapudi.; Claudia T. Supuran.; Mohammad Arifuddin. Design and Synthesis of benzenesulfonamide-linked imido[2,1-b][1,3,4]thiadiazole derivatives as carbonic anhydrase I and II inhibitors. Arch Pharm DphG, 2021 https://doi.org/10.1002/ardp.202100028
13. Cinnamamide: An insight into the pharmacological advances and structure–activity relationships; N Gaikwad, S Nanduri, YV Madhavi; European journal of medicinal chemistry, 2019, 181, 111561.
14. Targeting AMPK in diabetes and diabetic complications: energy homeostasis, autophagy and mitochondrial health; YV Madhavi, N Gaikwad, VG Yerra, AK Kalvala, S Nanduri, A Kumar, Current medicinal chemistry, 2019, 26 (27), 5207-5229. 15. Santosh Kumar Sahoo, Bandela Rani, Nikhil Baliram Gaikwad, Mohammad Naiyaz Ahmad, Grace Kaul, Manjulika Shukla, Srinivas Nanduri, Arunava Dasgupta, Sidharth Chopra and Venkata Madhavi Yaddanapudi*, Synthesis and structure activity relationship of new chalcone linked 5-phenyl-3-isoxazolecarboxylic acid methyl ester potentially active against drug resistant Mycobacterium tuberculosis. European Journal of Medicinal Chemistry. I.F: 5.57


1. An improved synthesis for alpha-bromination of sulphonamide substituted aryl-alkyl ketones H.M. Meshram.; A.V. Madhavi.; B. Eshwaraiah. J.S. YadavIndian Patent No: 259/DEL/03. dated 10/3/2003
2. Process for the synthesis of bis (substituted-4-quinolyl)-disulphides. Meshram, H. M.; Premalatha, K.; A. V. Madhavi.; Eeshwaraiah, B. J. S. Yadav. Patent no: U S 6777553. Date of grant: 17-8-2004. Indian Patent: 254/DEL/03, US [6777553] Japan [2004-570090] Germany [10394213.0] South Africa [2005-07913]
3. “Preparation of Valganciclovir and its salts" Reddy, P. P.; Anand, R. V.; Babu, I.; Babu, K. S.; Reddy, G. M.; Krishna, J.; Srinivas, P.; Madhavi, Y. V.; Haldar, P.; Krishna, V.; Rao, P. N.; Ravindra, V.; Satyanarayana, K.; Raju, V. V. N. K. V.; Suchitra, S. K.; Sakthivel, S.; Medisetti, R. K. V.; Manudhane, K. S. PCT Patent Application WO 2010/036904 A2
4. “Asenapine Maleate: Processes for its preparation and pharmaceutically acceptable dosage forms thereof” Srinivas, K.; Srinivas, P.; Madhavi,Y. V.; Krishna Vinigari.; Rao, P.N.; Rajeshwar Reddy, S. Patent Application WO2011159903A2 Patent granted in July15, 2014. Patent No. 8779161
5. Substituted Isoxazole compounds as antibacterial agents, Indian Patent Application no: 202141001125, TEMP/E-1/1172/2021-CHE
6. Substituted pyrazole compounds as antibacterial agents, Indian Patent Application no: 202141007157, TEMP/E1/7780/2021-CHE




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