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Scientific Journal of NIPER-Hyderabad - (CTPS)

Current Trends in Pharmaceutical Sciences (CTPS) is the in-house quarterly review Journal of NIPER-Hyderabad covering wide array of topics in pharmaceutical sciences. This Journal is an initiative of National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research, Hyderabad and will be a forum for review articles in pharmaceutical research field. Every issue of CTPS will contain succinct articles which are stimulating, novel and capable of building interesting concepts. The journal has a prestigious Advisory Editorial Board that puts in lot of efforts for inviting articles and reviewing them with appropriate interpretation.

Volume 3, Issue 2-3, Year 2015

Articles 1-7

  1. Indian Pharma Companies in US Generic Space
    Pages 2-7
    Vivek Padgaonkar
  2. Word of Mouth Marketing (WOMM)
    Pages 8-11
    Shraddha Chowdhary* & Kanupriya Bharat
  3. Pharmaceuticals Industry in India:Issues and Challenges
    Pages 12-15
    G.V.R.K Acharyulu*, RamaiahItumalla & S. Radhakrishnan
  4. Power Dimensions in Distribution
    Pages 16-21
    Suresh Garimella
  5. Consumer Behaviour on Self Medication Drugs with Reference to Cold & Cough
    Pages 22-24
    N.Rajesh Kumar* & P.Sujendra Swami
  6. Sectoral Investments in India
    Pages 25-29
  7. Direct-to-Consumer Pharmaceutical Advertising and their Pros and Cons
    Pages Pages 30-32
    Shraddha Chowdhary* & Mr. Gauransh Gandhi

Volume- 3; Issue -1; Year 2015

Articles 1-4

Volume- 2; Issue -1; May 2014

Articles 1-4

  1. Protein Delivery: Is Iontophoresis a Feasible Option?
    Pages 2-5
    Sachin Dubey
  2. Recent Horizons in Drug Discovery and Development
    Pages 6-11
    Ahmed Kamal, Nagula Shankaraiah, Shalini Nekkanti
  3. Interplay of RANKL in Oxidative Stress Induced Bone Loss
    Pages 12-16
    Swarna.B, Dinesh.Thummuri, Lavanya Bindu Sree.A, V.G.M. Naidu
  4. Nanotechnology in Vaccine Delivery
    Pages 17-27
    Anjali Jain, V. Amarendar Reddy, Eameema Muntimadugu, Wahid Khan

Volume- 1; Issue -1; October 2013

Articles 1-3

  1. Challenges in Drug Discovery : Overcoming the Hurdles
    Pages 2-8
    Anil Gulati, Shyam S Sharma, Ashutosh Kumar
  2. Drugs Repurposing : A New Era in Drug Discovery
    Pages 9-14
    Sameer Katiyar, Sailaja Duvvuri, Wahid Khan, Ahmed Kamal
  3. NIPER-Hyderabad : From Scratch to Glory
    Pages 15
    National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education & Research, Hyderabad