Guest Faculty for NIPER Hyderabad

Guest speakers have become an important part of the educational experience for students. They expose students to real-world life experiences from the position of someone who has been there. Students get to see the insight and perspective of the guest speakers' specialized field.

One important benefit that is derived from having a guest speaker is the enhancement of the students’ educational experience. They essentially get a glimpse into the everyday life of the speaker, which cannot be obtained anywhere else.


Dr Prathima Srinivas Head, Regulatory Affairs, Sanmed Pharma Ltd, Hyderabad
Dr G.Y.S.K. Swamy Laboratory of X-Ray Crystallography, IICT Hyderabad
Dr P.V. Rekha Devi DST-Women Scientist from IICT
Mr Ravi Sankar Business Head, Glaxsmithkline India
Mr Dilip Tanwani Marketing Head, Hetero Healthcare
Dr S. Rama Mohan Principal Scientist, IICT Hyderabad
Prof Krishna Kumar Professor, Osmania University
Dr Jagannath Kota Associate Director, Novartis, India
Dr Sumana Chakravarthy IICT, Hyderabad
Dr Ramars Amanchy IICT, Hyderabad
Dr Banuprakash IICT, Hyderabad
Dr Chebolu Ravi Krishna Vice President, Aizant Pharma Pvt Ltd
Mr Vijay Kumar Makyam CEO, I Win IP Services
Mr Ravi sankar BU Head, GSK Pharma Ltd
Mr Raja MVSMA Vice President, Dr Reddy Laboratories Ltd
Mr B.N.V. Parthasarathi Former Vice President, Bank of Bahrain
Dr B. Raja Shekar Professor & Dean HCU Hyderabad
Dr G.Y.S.K Swamy Laboratory of X-Ray Crystallography, IICT, Hyderabad
Prof P.V. Bharatam Faculty, NIPER Mohali
Mr Vamshi Dar Consultant, Pace Guru Analytics Pvt Ltd
Dr Diana Moses Professor
Dr Parthasarathi
Mr Vinay Kumar Makyam
Mrs Deepika Keerthi Sr. H. R Manager, Hetero Healthcare
Ms Mira Vempati
Mr Ravi Sankar Business Head, Glaxsmithkline India
Dr Rajan Kombhu
Mr Anuj Singh Associate Director,Cipla Ltd
Dr Nalini Mohan IPR Consultant, iRunway
Mr Bharat Kumar Gajuvarti Vice President, Great four systems Pvt Ltd
Mr S. Chandra Shekar General Manager, Therdose Pharma Ltd
Dr Poongothai Ramaswamy CEO, Chrongene Aarogyam Biotech Pvt Ltd
Mr Vamshi Dar Consultant, Pace Guru Analytics Pvt Ltd
Dr B. Raja Shekar Dean, School of Management Studies, Central University, Hyd
Mr Srinivas Nagesh Sangyam Consultant, ICRISAT, Hyderabad
Dr AKS Bhujanga Rao President, Natco Pharma
Jaya Prakash Rao Professor
Prof C.V. Chalapathi Rao Rtd.Professor, Osmania University
Venkata Ramanamurthy Dean/Principal/Director/Vice Chancellor
Bala Krishna
Syed Babar