Faculty in Pharmacoinformatics

Dr. Vasundhra Bhandari

Assistant Professor & Faculty in charge, Department of Pharmacoinformatics
E-Mail: vasundhra.b@niperhyd.ac.in, vasundhra23@gmail.com

Pharmacogenomics and Precision Medicine, Antimicrobial Resistance and Drug discovery
Dr. Bhandari’s group is interested in new drug discovery, repurposing of drugs and understanding their novel mechanism of resistance. Her group is also interested to identify the interindividual variability against a treatment or drug deciphering a path to precision medicine. During her PhD and Postdoctoral work, she has identified novel drug targets and worked towards identifying the drug resistance mechanism operative in important human pathogens. Her lab is well funded with extramural grant support from government and private agencies.
At NIPER, she intends to use functional genomics/proteomics, epigenetics and gene editing tools for answering her research questions.

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