We offer a broad range of 2-year M.S (Pharm), M.B.A (Pharm) & M.Tech (Pharm) and 4-year PhD Programme degrees with outstanding teaching by award-winning academicians. Our courses specialize in Medicinal Chemistry, Pharmaceutical Analysis, Pharmacology & Toxicology, Pharmaceutics, Regulatory Toxicology, Process Chemistry and Pharmaceutical Management with a distinctive feature being the opportunity to spend the second year in industry or at NIPER-Hyderabad. Our Post Graduate courses & PhD courses are listed below with link to a detailed course description:

Course Department Duration
 Ph.D Medicinal chemistry 4 years
 Pharmaceutical Analysis 4 years
 Pharmacology & Toxicology 4 years
 Pharmaceutics 4 years
 Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry) 4 years
 Regulatory Affairs 4 years
M.S.(Pharm.) Medicinal chemistry 2 years
 Pharmaceutical Analysis 2 years
 Pharmacology & Toxicology 2 years
 Pharmaceutics 2 years
  Regulatory Toxicology 2 years
 Regulatory Affairs 2 years
 Natural Products 2 years
 Pharmacoinformatics 2 years
 Biopharmaceuticals 2 years
 Medical Devices 2 years
M.Tech.(Pharm.) Pharmaceutical Technology (Process Chemistry) 2 years
MBA(Pharm.) Pharmaceutical Management 2 years