Areas of Expertise in NIPER Hyderabad

The faculty in our existing departments conduct research to address challenges faced by pharmaceutical industry, protecting the environment, improving health, enriching youth and contributing for the growth of the economy.

Areas of Research Expertise:

  • Drug Discovery: Synthesis of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for- Anti-Cancer, Anti inflammatory etc.
  • Innovative strategies for the synthesis of natural/unnatural or key intermediates/building blocks
  • Combinatorial chemistry
  • Green chemistry protocols for pharmaceutical importance and to preserve the nature
  • Computer Aided Drug Design (CADD)
  • Diabetes and diabetic neuropathy research
  • Peptidomimetics as therapeutic agents and Drug Delivery Systems
  • Impurity Profiling
  • Analytical Method Development
  • Standardization of Herbal drugs
  • Stability Improvement Methods
  • In vitro and In vivo Screening of New Chemical Entities (NCEs) for various activities
  • Drug Metabolism and Pharmacokinetic studies (DMPK)
  • Novel Drug Delivery Systems
  • Nanomedicine
  • Improvement in Bioavailability
  • Application of QBD in Formulation Design and Processing
  • Bioavailability improvement using nanotechnology, lipid based systems and crystal engineering techniques.
  • Co-crystal, polymorphism and amorphism study and characterization
  • Thermal characterization of drugs and small molecules