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A student's Grievances Cell is established to have a systematic redressal / follow-up of the difficulties / representation / complaints received from the students. Grievances Cell ensures that appropriate action on the complaints / representations are initiated by respective Section.

Students' Grievance Cell officer was appointed as per the recommendation of Director. Regular meetings were scheduled to attend/solve student problems and grievances. All complaints / clarifications are addressed to Grievance Cell officer.

The complaints / representations can be sent by mail or in person to the Grievance Cell officer (Grievances Cell), NIPER-Hyderabad.

Objectives and Members of the Cell :

Grievance Cell is constituted for redressal of the grievances of faculty, staff and students. Meeting of the cells is conducted regularly to examine the grievances of faculty, staff and student, received and the Cell proposes necessary measures to be taken by the Administration to resolve the same. The Cell is also responsible for notifying the actions taken by using the newly created online e-grievance facility.

Contact Address:

Dr. S. Gananadhamu
Assistant Professor
Grievance Cell Officer
Email- gana.niperhyd@gov.in