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Facilities for Students @ NIPER Hyderabad

NIPER-Hyderabad home buzzes with conversation, bustles with events, and nurtures new ideas. Rounding out rigorous academic activity are soaring reading rooms, breathtaking chapels, plentiful playing fields, and beautiful landscape in gardens to explore.
NIPER-Hyderabad is more than an intellectual destination—it’s a destination to be in and behold.

One of NIPER-Hyderabad's great attractions, the NIPER-Hyderabad campus is a platform for the work and play of our students, faculty, and staff, and a welcoming destination for all, and visitors worldwide.
From classes to careers, housing to health, and a host of student-run groups spanning sports, cultures, and more, NIPER-Hyderabad supports students in all that they do.

At NIPER-Hyderabad, the departments and units within Student Life are committed to supporting the intellectual, physical, and emotional development of our students. We understand that student success is not solely defined by grades, which is why Student Life at NIPER-Hyderabad serves as a hub for a variety of programs, services, facilities, and operations that are all designed to enrich the student experience.
All the units and offices at NIPER-H share a common goal: supporting the success of students, both here at NIPER-Hyderabad and beyond.
The institute is committed to provide students every opportunity to make the most of their time at NIPER-Hyderabad.