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Student Accommodation

Whilst studying in Hyderabad you will need somewhere to live. Many students live on NIPER Hyderabad Hostels, while others opt for a homestay with a local family, or live with friends (or strangers) in a rented 'flat' (apartment/house). Here is some information on options for student accommodation in Hyderabad.

There are several options for student accommodation in Hyderabad. Your place of study may be able to assist you in finding accommodation when you apply to study.

Homestay/Private Board

Homestay means you live with a Hyderabad family in their home – usually with a room of your own. Your Homestay family provides your meals and helps you with day-to-day life in Hyderabad.

Homestay accommodation is an excellent way to meet Hyderabadies, and interact with people in English / Hindi / Telugu.

As a guest in your host family’s home you are expected to contribute to normal family life, a great way to experience Hyderabad culture.

Flatting/Independent Accommodation

"Going Flatting" is the Hyderabad term for renting an apartment or house (flat).

Flatting gives you the flexibility to live with as many people as you like – males or females.

Flats range from one bedroom apartments to 2 or 3 bedroom homes.

Rental accommodation is generally clustered around colleges or universities, but flats can be found in most city suburbs.