Faculty in Regulatory Affairs

Dr. Neeraj Kumar

Assistant Professor
E-Mail: neeraj.k16@niperhyd.ac.in

Functional activities related to IPRs

  • Patent searches and landscaping using several patent databases (Scifinder etc.)
  • FTO opinions and Infringement analysis to finalize the go to formulation strategies
  • Invalidation/Revocation grounds, Patentability searches for US/EU/ROW patents
  • Patent drafting and patent prosecution; preparing draft replies to IP-office actions
  • Keeping track on all product relevant updates related to innovator & third-party IP
  • Preparing drafts replies for notices from innovator companies to assist our Attorneys
  • Support for patent litigation & IP lawsuits
  • Evaluate other relevant IP mechanisms, particularly trademark and trade-dress

Coordination with attorneys: Communicate and collaborate with Indian & overseas attorneys for several activities including patent filing & prosecution, maintaining patent portfolios, vetting patent-challenge grounds, SWOT analysis, agreements with competitors etc.

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Dr. Sandeep Kumar

Assistant Professor (Adhoc)
E-Mail: sandeepkumar.ra@niperhyd.ac.in; katariatniper@gmail.com

Dr. Sandeep Kumar got experience of 4 year in academia and 4 year in industry. His area of regulatory affairs research interest is the approach to the identification of critical factors in unexplored domain of regulatory decision from contemporary guidelines with indigenous and/or global scenario. Along with above mentioned, “Nanoparticles synthesis and its exploitation in targeted delivery of drugs”, “Possible metabolite determination by forced degradation and biotransformation” and “enzyme production, purification and immobilization for different applications” are other additions in the research interest.

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