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Seminars & Workshops During 2013

Title Speaker Name Date
Drug Discovery from Toxins Prof. Gopalahrishankone 
Department of Anatomy, YLL School of Medicine, NUS, Singapore
23rd Dec. 2013
Emerging Trends in Pharma Talent Acquisition Mr. Akhilesh Mishra 
President (Phrma HR Society of India)
Vice President - HR 
Bharat Serums & Vaccines Ltd. - Mumbai
21st Dec. 2013
Application of Nanotechnology in Drug Delivery Systems Prof. Suresh K Bhargava 
Deputy Pro-Vice Chancellor (International)
College of Science, Engineering and Health
RMIT University, Australia
16th Dec. 2013
Public Lecture Series-2013 on Human evolution viewed from the study of chimpanzees Prof. Tetsuro Matsuzawa 
Kyoto University, Japan
25th Nov. 2013
Public Lecture Series-2013 on Spirituality and Intellectual Honesty Prof. Thomas Metzinger 
Johannes Gutenberg, University of Mainz, Germany
22nd Nov. 2013
Is Type-2 Diabetes Melliteus a Disease of the Brain Prof. U.N.Das 
President CEO, UND Life Sciences, USA
14th Nov. 2013
Recent Scenario on Rare Diseases & Disorders Dr. Ramaiah Muthyala, FRSC 19th Sept. 2013
Lopid-based Nanoparticles : The Foundation for Advanced Therapeutics and Diagnostics Prof. Andrew D Miller
Institute of Pharmaceuticals Sciences, King's College, London
CEO & CSO of Global Acron Ltd.
9th May 2013
Seminar on Export Business Opportunities for Pharma Products in Africa .... Dr. P.V. Appaji 
Dr. E. Murali Darshan
Ms Alice AKU Otuteye 
Shri. Pramod Reddy 
Shri. B.K. Karna
6th May, 2013
Integrated Scientific & Regulatory Requirements for Cell based Therapy Products Dr. D.G. Miller
President & CEO
Excorp Medical Inc., Minneapotes, USA
12th April, 2013
Dietary Restrictions in Therapeutics Prof. V. Lakshmipathi
Retd. Professor
Kakatiya University
12th April, 2013
Get Inspired to Save Lives Dr. K. Srinivas Rao
Managing Director 
Indian Institute of Biotechnology Pvt. Ltd
9th February 2013
Probability of Succes in Drug Development Dr. Pravin Chaturvedi, 
CEO, IndUS Pharmaceuticals Inc
18th January 2013