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Seminars & Workshops During 2012

Title Speaker Name Date
51st National Pharmacy Week Celebrations 26th November 2012
Enabling Technologies in Organic Chemistry from Minireactors to New Heating Techniques Prof. Dr. Andreas Krischning 
26th November 2012
Towards Biocompatible Medical Devices & New Extra Cellular Matrices for Biocardiac Tissue Engineering Prof. Dr. Gerald Drager 
26th November 2012
Management & Leadership Dr. Amit Khanna 
23rd November 2012
Conception & Contraception Dr. C. Ambuja 
M.D, DGO (Retd Professor) 
RSC - Deccan Section
20th November 2012
Overview on Pharmaceutical Industry: Management Dr. A.K.S Bhujanga Rao, 
Vice President 
Natco Pharma, Hyderabad
20th November 2012
Identification of Drugs of Abuse using Trimethysilyl Derivatization method Dr. M.A Majid 
Professor, Drug Analysis Laboratory 
University of Baltimore, MD, USA
14th November 2012
An Overview of Drug Life Cycle Processes in the Pharmaceutical Industry International Society for Pharmaceutical Engineering (ISPE), India Affiliate Hyderabad Chapter 9th November 2012
Breast Cancer, symptoms, prevention methods, self examinations and treatments for Cancer Dr.Sai Rajendra, 
Surgical Oncologist 
Basavatharakam Indo American Cancer Institute, Hyderabad
30th October 2012
Workshop Drug Discovery (D2@C2) : Module - III 18th, 19th & 20th October 2012
Workshop Drug Discovery (D2@C2) : Module - II 27th, 28th & 29th Sept. 2012
Hands on Workshop on "Recent Advances in Life Science Education & Research ADINSTRUMENTS 
Meditech Equipment Co.
21st September 2012
Workshop Drug Discovery (D2@C2) : Module - I 30th, 31st Aug. & 1st Sept. 2012
Preparation of Project Proposals - Issues to be considered Prof. V. Lakshmipathi 
Retd. Professor
Kakatiya University
25th August 2012
Importance of IPR in Pharmaceutical Industry Dr S. Padmaja 
Managing Director
Intellectual Property, Hyderabad
25th August 2012
Opening up Biology for the Creation of New Therapeutics Prof. Andrew D.Miller 
Executive Officer and CSO of Global acom Ltd.
Kings College , London
8th August 2012
CANCER Awareness Dr Sadashivudu 
Dept. of Pharmacology
NIMS, Hyderabad
19th April 2012
Maternal Under nutrition and Pharmacokinetics in Adult Offspring Dr Ganesh Cherala 
Assistant Professor
Oregon State University, USA
10th April 2012
Challenges & Opportunities in Pharma Industry Dr J.B. Gupta 
Vice President
GVK Biosciences
10th April 2012
Potential Utility of Material Studio Software in Pharmaceutical Field Dr Nihant Sinha 
Scientist, Materials Modelling & Simulations
Accelrys, India
3rd April 2012
Emergence of Chiral Drugs Dr V.Malla Reddy 
General Manager - R&D
Divis Laboratories Limited
30th March 2012
New Trend in Chiral Separations Dr Ch.Lakshmi Narayana 
Vice President 
Daicel Chiral Technologies, India
29th March 2012
Lipids as Potential Anti Cancer Drug Prof U.N. Das,MD FAMS FICP 
Editor in Chief 
Lipids in Health & Diseseas, USA
19th March 2012
Applications of XRD, Crystallography & Structure Determination of Small & Biomacromolecules Dr Y.V.N Swamy
IICT, Hyderabad
1st March 2012
21st, 28th February 2012
Drug Discovery Dr Mandip Singh Sachdeva
Editor in Chief
CRC Critical Reviews in Therapeutic Drug Carrier Systems, Tallahassee
24th February 2012
Impurity Profiling in Pharmaceuticals Dr M.V. Surya Narayana
Vice President, Mylan
11th February 2012
Workshop Bioinformatics@BioAsia 2012 9th February 2012
Creating Markets Across the Globe covering the Globalization, Global drivers technology, market barriers, culture open markets etc Dr E. Murali Darshan, IIFT 7th February 2012
Biology, Chemistry and Medicine Dr CH. Mohan Rao, FNA, FASc; Director,CCMB 3rd February 2012
The Drug Discovery Process Dr Sunanda R Dastidar 
Director Biological 
Daiichi Sankyo Life Science Research Centre (DMPK)
20th January 2012

Following Lectures were given at Workshop on Bioinformatics on 9th Feb 2012

Title (Workshop on Bioinformatics) Speaker Name
Protein Crystallography: implications in drug discovery and modern biology Anthony Addlagatta, Senior Scientist, IICT, Hyderabad
Genomes to Hit Molecules in Silico: A Country Path Today, A Highway Tomorrow Prof. B. Jayaram, IIT, Delhi
Construction of 3-D model of the Plasmodium falciparum 20S core proteasome – exploring the biological and chemical space in the catalytic subunits compared with yeast 20S proteasome inhibitor complexes for rational drug design Dr. K. Guruprasad, CCMB, Hyderabad
Emerging scenario in structure determinations and predictions Dr.Ravindranath S Rathore, University of Hyderabad
Visiting molecular docking algorithms and the challenges in predictive abilities Dr. Madhavi Sastry
D.E. Shaw India Software,Hyderabad.