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International Collaborations / MoUs

The NIPER-Hyderbad partners with organizations, programs and research centers across the globe. Many Institutions in India, including pharmaceutical compaines have a memorandum of agreement (MOA) / understanding with us for teaching, research and reciprocal exchange.

MOU with National University of Singapore, Singapore
OBJECTIVE :Carrying out advanced research in area of Pharmaceutical importance

02 MOU with Università degli Studi "Magna Graecia" di CATANZARO
OBJECTIVE :To carry out Medicinal Chemistry projects related to Cancer and Diabetes
MOU with University of Minnesota, USA
OBJECTIVE :To carry out research in the area of Rare Diseases.

MOU with Universidade de São Paulo, Brazil
OBJECTIVE : To carry out research in developing nano-formulations for treating Cancer and related diseases

05 MOU with University of Manchester, UK
OBJECTIVE : To carry out advanced research in the area of Diabetes and its complications
MOU with University of Lausanne, Switzerland
OBJECTIVE :To carry out advanced research in the area of Cancer and its complications.

MOU with Hebrew University of Jerusalem, Israel
OBJECTIVE : To develop novel drug delivery systems.

MOU with University of Lodz, Poland
OBJECTIVE : To develop novel drug delivery systems.

For National and International collaborations, please contact: Director, NIPER Hyderabad