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Auditorium, Lecture Halls and Seminar Halls

The lecture halls are well-furnished, well-ventilated and equipped with the latest educational technology: projectors, LED Screens, WiFi facility, etc.. The ambience is made learner-friendly to give a comfortable learning experience.


AV Facilities
  • Bose Sound System with Lapel/Roving Microphone
  • Huge Screen (wall-mounted)
  • Data Projector (ceiling-mounted)
  • Dual Projection System
  • Visualiser to display printed material on screen
  • Controlled Lighting and Sound
  • Switch between Multiple Devices
  • Full Blackout Facilities
  • Laptop computer
  • DVD/CD/video Player
  • White boards
  • Flipchart
AV Operation
  • Direct by Speaker from Lectern
  • AV Technician in Projection Box
  • Dedicated Speaker's AV Technician
  • Cabled (Ethernet)
  • Wireless (on request)
  • Tiered, Retractable and Flexible
  • Flat-Floored
Air Conditioning
  • Yes

Smart Lecture Halls and Seminar Halls

Campus classrooms range in style and capacity from 20 to 120 people.

Features In general, Smart Lecture Halls and Seminar Halls are equipped with the following:
  • Ceiling mounted LCD projector and projection screen
  • Laptop connectivity for both Desktop & PC laptops
  • DVD
  • Sound system
  • Resident Dual-OS Computer with Linux & Windows Vista / Windows 7 w/DVD-RW (over 30 software titles available)
  • Dual-OS Linux with Windows Vista
  • Microphone (wireless hand-held and/or lavaliere)
  • Stereo Sound Wireless Presenter/Mouse
  • USB extension cable for Flash drive
  • Internet Facility ( Wi-Fi also)