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Computer Centre

Computer Centre (CC) caters to the IT and computational related needs of the Institute as well as Hostel community at NIPER Hyderabad.

Installation & Maintenance of Servers for:

  • Internet access.
  • E-mail facilities.
  • Samba / FTP sharing facility.
  • Proxy based authentication access.
  • Computation facilities.
  • VPN facilities for accessing Journals and E-contents from outside of the Institute
• Maintenance of Official NIPER Hyderabad website.(www.niperhyd.ac.in / www.niperhyd.edu.in)
• Management of the Institute & Hostels wide Wi-Fi enabled environment.
• Management of the Centralized Computer Lab accessible to students and research scholars.
• Maintaining 100 Mbps NKN Internet Leased Line, 10 Mbps stand-by Internet Leased Line, seamlessly connected about 600 nodes.
• Providing technical assistance to the Faculty, Academic and Administrative Staff of the Institute.
• Administrative maintenance of Windows, Linux and Mac Operating Systems of the Faculty & Staff members.
• Administrative maintenance of commercial software for specialized research and general use by the members.

NIPER Hyderabad has provision of four computer labs i.e CC-1, CC-2, CC-3 and CC-4. Each lab is equipped with 25 desktops of windows and CC-2 with 25 Linux operating system desktops for Molecular Modelling Facility which is dedicated for Research. Accessibility to Computer Labs by students and faculty of NIPER Hyderabad has no restrictions. The Computer Labs remain open for 10 hours (8:00 AM to 6:00PM) in a day and the students visit the labs for their general and routine computing tasks. CC lab services will be extended for hands-on sessions for special software packages as part of curriculum, placement activities & examination.

In addition, there are a number of UNIX/Linux/VMware based servers that caters to the institute IT services like Webserver, FTP as well as for academic requirements and research purpose. Availability of the servers and resources is ensured with power back up provided by UPS grid.

Local area network (LAN) cater to the needs of students, faculty and staff of the institute. The complete LAN solution has 3 layers viz. 10 Gigabit Core with redundancy, Dual homed Distribution layer with redundancy and dual homed PoE (Power on Ethernet) enabled Access layer. Network support is available 24x7. High speed and uninterrupted Internet access is provided across the campus to everyone through multiple ISP (Internet Service Provider) leased lines provided by BSNL (10 Mbps), and NKN (100 Mbps). The Computer Centre is solely responsible for keeping the Information and Communication Technology & Computation related facilities available to each and every member of NIPER Hyderabad. These facilities are constantly upgraded to meet the evolving standards of NIPER Hyderabad. New hardware and software are procured on a regular basis so as to provide a state of the art computing facility to the NIPER Hyderabad family.

Fully Wi-Fi Enabled Campus & Hostels: In the year 2016, Computer Centre has installed WLAN on 802.11b/g to allow accessing NIPER Hyderabad computing resources (Local network and Internet) through the Wireless communication in campus and hostels. WLAN employs mobile network access through the Wireless Access Points.

All Hostels are Wi-Fi enabled for internet and intranet connectivity. Wi-Fi solution is based on Cisco Wireless Controllers for the entire academic areas and hostels. A total of 45 Cisco Access Points (dual-band 802.11a/g/n/ac) has been installed.

Molecular Modeling Lab:

An IT based Computer Centre with Molecular Modeling Lab (MML) facility is operational in the MMF centre, has procured license for commercial software like Schrodinger, SYBYL, Gaussian 09w, Material studio to support faculty, research scholars and students for research as well as academic purpose. Three work stations are available and are being used for molecular modelling studies with free software’s like AutoDock, NAMD and online molecular modeling tools etc. The centralized computer centre provides extensive computing facility for the faculty, staff and all the students.