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The journey of students and activities on the campus is to provide an invigorating and creative environment which promotes independent thinking and introspection and leads the young students to become more aware of the consequence of their own actions. This allows them to weave a pattern of life which equips them to stand up to the many pressures of community living, to train them in the making of inferences in everyday situations, to help them derive more insight into their personal relationships and to arouse in them a sensibility of aesthetic experience.

Excellent facilities for the residence, co-curricular activities, sports and games, recreation, etc. have been provided to the students on campus. Special efforts are made to promote studentteacher interaction. Grievance Cell has been set up to assist students in their initial adjustment, as well as to help them cope with any kind of difficulty which they may face during their stay at the Institute.

The Students' Activity Centre is the nerve centre of all student activities on the campus. The Centre comprising a Gymnasium Halls in Hostels, TV Rooms, caters to various hobbies of the students. There are committee rooms where they can hold formal or informal meetings. On the first floor of the Hostels, students have facility to play Table Tennis.

Alumni provide the wisdom of education, job and life experience. Graduate and professional students offer career guidance to college students and energy to alumni. Postgraduates inject fresh perspectives and enthusiasm. NIPER-Hyderabad offers a unique intersection of these talents and a way for three NIPER communities to form long-lasting, mutually beneficial relationships.
Welcome to National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hyderabad
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