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The NIPER-Hyderabad offers the opportunity for participation in several workshops. Workshops cover a specific topic of interest. Talks have a strong tutorial character aiming at introducing a specific field to the participants. Emphasize is put on interaction between the presenter and the audience advocating discussions.
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Seminars/ Workshops / Conferences (2014 - 2018)

Title Speaker Name Date
Workshop on Drug Discovery & Development; Concept, Clinic & Commercialization (D3C3) : Module II Click here to view details 9th - 10th March, 2018
Workshop on Drug Discovery & Development; Concept, Clinic & Commercialization (D3C3) : Module I Click here to view details 16th - 17th February, 2018
Toxicology research as a part of Toxicology Ostrich program Dr (Ms.) Gurjot Kaur
Toxicity Expert from Germany
9th January, 2018
Drugs for bad bugs : Progress amongst challenges Dr Sidharth Chopra
Senior Scientist, Division of Microbiology, CSIR - CDRI, Lucknow
12th October, 2017
Path of Success
(Mentor Lecture - 03)
Prof. Arun Tiwari
Chairman & Secretary, Care Covergence Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
12th September, 2017
Delivery Really Matters? Prof. MNV Ravi Kumar
A & M University, Texas University, USA
22nd August, 2017
Extended Clearance Classification System: Characterizing Pharmacokinetics in Drug Design and Development Dr. Manthena Varma
Associate Research Fellow, Pfizer, USA
23rd June, 2017
ATM and TSC2 Functions at Peroxisomes to Induce Pexophagy in Response to ROS Dr. Durga Nand Tripathi
Instructor and Training Director at Center for Precision Environmental Health (CPEH)
Baylor College of Medicine, Houston, USA
9th June 2017
Hypothalamic Leptin Action is Mediated by Histone Deacetylase 5 Dr. Dhiraj Kabra
Group Leader, German Diabetes Center (DDZ), Leibniz Center for Diabetes Research at Heinrich Heins University, Germany
11th May, 2017
Path of Success : A Definite Chief Aim
(Mentor Lecture - 02)
Prof. Arun Tiwari
Chairman & Secretary, Care Covergence Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
18th April, 2017
NIPER ‐ Pharma Industry Meet
(Role of Academia in Strengthening of Indian Pharma)
Click here to view details 24th March 2017
Path of Success
(Mentor Lecture - 01)
Prof. Arun Tiwari
Chairman & Secretary, Care Covergence Centre, Banjara Hills, Hyderabad
21st March 2017
Conference on Drug Discovery & Development (Focus on Cancer & Diabetes) Click here to view conference details 16th & 17th March, 2017
Conference on Innovations in Pharmaceutical Technologies & Workshop on GLP/GMP compliance Click here to view conference details 24th & 25th Jan. 2017
Challenges and strategies of formulating macromolecules Dr Sachin Dubey, PhD
Head of formulation and analytical development (Biologics)
Glenmark Pharmaceuticals, Switzerland
19th Dec. 2016
Dr Mohi Iqbal Mohammed Abdul
Assistant Professor in Pharmacology
College of Pharmacy, Taibah University
18th Nov. 2016
Foundation Day Lecture Dr.Ch. Mohan Rao
Former Director, CCMB, Hyderabad
J C Bose Fellow
19th Oct. 2016
Drug - magnetic nanoformulation : Design to therapeutics Dr Murali Mohan Yallapu
Assistant Professor
Department of Pharmaceutical Sciences, University of Tennessee Health Science Center, Memphis TN, USA
16th Sept. 2016
Conference on "Quality Management in Bulk Drug and Formulation Manufacturing" Click here to view the talks delivered at conference 12th & 13th Aug. 2016
One day workshop on "Emerging Trends In Pharmaceutical Sciences" 9th July 2016
UPLC and QDA detection technology and its applications Dr. Barry Upton
Stratagic Programme Director
Waters Corporation, USA
25th April 2016
Conference on Fostering Innovation in Pharmaceutical and IPR Management Click here to view the talks delivered at conference 21-22 March 2016
Conference on Drug Discovery & Development (Global Scenario – Indian perspective) Click here to view the talks delivered at conference 20-21 November 2015
Advances in active principles of medical plants and their contribution to modern medicine Dr Gopal Rao Mallavarapu
Ex-Scientist In-charge
CIMAP Resource Centre, Banglore
26th October, 2015
Chiral pharmacology and HNMR spectroscopy Prof. P.S.N Reddy
Professor in Chemistry(Retired)
26th October. 2015
Asymmetric Cationioc Polyene Cyclizations: A Nature Inspired Catalysis and Total Synthesis of Natural Products molecules Dr Goreti Rajendar
Post­ Doctoral Research Associate
Harvard University
20th October, 2015
Novel Targets in oncology Dr Jugnu
Co-founder, Chief Scientific Officer
Sapien Biosciences, Hyderabad
14th October. 2015
Natural products – Inspired discovery and development of anti-microbial, anti-inflammatory and ant platelet agents Prof. Virinder Parmar
Visiting Professor & Consultant
Institute of Nanoscience & Nanomedicine, INSET
University of Massachusetts Lowell, USA
14th August 2015
Polymorphism and Genotype – Phenotype correlation of drug response in Indian Population Dr Harish Padh
Vice Chancellor, Sardar Patel University
Former Project Director, NIPER Ahmedabad
29th July. 2015
Immunomodulatory Effects of Uridine and 4-thlouridine Dr. Srinivas Uppugunduri
Adj. Professor
Regional Cancer Center Southeast
University Hospital
6th July. 2015
Biochemistry of Exercise Dr. U.N. Das, MD,FAMS,FRSC
Fedaral Way, WA, USA
April. 2015
One-Day Workshop on Concepts and Applications of Molecular & PK/PD Modeling Dr Venkateshwari (Certara, Hyd)
Dr Rama Sivasubramanian (Novartis, Hyd)
Dr Jagannath Kota (Novartis, Hyd)
Dr G. Narahari Sastry (CSIR-IICT, Hyd)
Dr Sunil Kumar (Certara, Hyd)
10th April. 2015
National Conference on Innovative Processes for Bulk Drugs (IPBD) Click here to view the talks delivered at conference 26-27 March 2015
Talk on cell line products and engineering Dr. Narinder Singh
Horizon Discovery plc
25th Mar. 2015
Regulatory Environment - India Dr. Premnath Shenoy
Regulatory Affairs Director, AstraZeneca Pharma India Ltd., Banglore
22nd Jan. 2015
Pharmacogenomics in Drug Discovery & Development Dr. Krishna R. Devarakonda
Director, Clinical Pharmacology & Pharmacokinetics
23rd Dec. 2014
Workshop on "Advanced Scientific Writing Skills Dr. Vijay Walia, Founder Director
Achievers League, USA
11th Nov. 2014
Contemporary topics relevant to Pharmaceutical Industry Mr. Anupam Bhatt, Vice President HR
Mylan Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad
7th Nov. 2014
Drug Analysis by CE Prof. Gerhard K.E. Scriba,Director
Institute of Pharmacy, University of Gena, Germany
7th Nov. 2014
See is Believing and Not Seeing is just Guessing Dr. M. Prakash, Sr. Scientist
Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad
5th Nov. 2014
From Molecular Biology to Systems Biology : Contributions to Drug Discovery and Development Dr. Shanavas Alikunju, PhD
Head of Biology & Sr. Director, Proprietary Products R&D,
Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd, Hyderabad
31st Oct. 2014
Protein quantification by mass spectrometry: Application in molecular pharmaceutics/pharmacology & physiological modeling Dr. Bhagwat Bhatt
Asst. Professor, Dept. of Pharmaceutics
Lead Scientist - UWRAPT,
University of Washington, USA
15th Oct. 2014
International Conference on Drugs for the Future: Infectious Diseases (DFID) Click here to view the talks delivered at conference 27th & 28th Mar. 2014
Comprehensive Review Writing Dr. Srinivas K. Rao
Managing Director - IIBT
27th Feb. 2014
Engyme Assisted Synthesis of Bioactive Molecules Dr. Manfred P. Schneider
FB C-Bergische University, Germany
30th Jan. 2014
The Importance of Solid State Characterization in Drug Development Dr. K. Vyas
Senior Vice President
Dr. Reddy's Laboratories Ltd.
24th Jan. 2014

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