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Research at NIPER Hyderabad is nurtured through various academic programmes run by the departments and through sponsored programmes funded by national organizations and the industry.

Academic Research Programs

These relate to research work undertaken by individual faculty or specific research groups in each department running academic programmes leading to M.S (Pharm) or Ph.D degree. Research is carried out by scholars admitted to the programmes of study by research under the guidance of the faculty in each department.

Areas of interest for each department is made known to the academic community through handbooks, brochures and bulletins. Topics of interest include the theoretical studies as well as experimental areas. The resources and facilities available in the different laboratories are used.

Sponsored Research

Organizations at the national level sponsor specific programs of research by funding projects undertaken by the faculty. Research of this kind is time bound but provides for those involved in the project to register for a degree. Project proposals are usually prepared by NIPER Hyderabad faculty and forwarded to various organizations based on the nature of research and the interest shown by Government / Research bodies to fund new projects.

Research based Industrial Consultancy

Industrial Consultancy provides for faculty and staff of the institute to undertake specific assignments for the Industry, which may include project design, testing and evaluation or even training in new areas of industrial development. Industries and organizations involved in the industrial development request NIPER faculty to take up specific assignments through proper channel.
Welcome to National Institute of Pharmaceutical Education and Research (NIPER), Hyderabad
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